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These are projects that I completed as part of my Bachelors in Science Degree in Computer Information Systems at Trinity Lutheran College.

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Small College Admissions and Marketing

This research project was started as an on-campus Marketing Research and Data Analytics Internship project, and grew into my Senior Capstone Project. It was presented at the 2014 CCSC Northwestern Region Conference.

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Digital Design Tools: Final Project

Using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign we were tasked with designing and creating marketing materials for an imaginary company of our choice. I chose my fledgling, non-active company "Alpine Daisy". For the purpose of this project I made Alpine Daisy a winter sporting-good and active-wear company.

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Information Security

These reports and project are all related to keeping information confidential, accurate, and available.

  • Documentation Encryption Strategies
    • For this project we outlined one file encryption option: TrueCrypt
    • Team members: Diamond Atkins, Stephanie English, Edwin Roberts, Constance Wohlford
    • Report
    • Video
  • The Security of Near-Field-Communication
    • For this paper I studied the security ramifications of Near-Field-Communication
    • Paper
  • Strategies for Backup and Restore
    • For this project we outlined to options for file backup and restoration; external hard drive paired with One-Drive and Duplicati paired with Google Drive.
    • Paper
    • Video
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Database Design and Administration

  • Intro to Database Final
    • For this final we created a database to answer questions about our schools class offerings.
    • Team members: Diamond Atkins, Keyre Figueroa, Misael Salmeron, Constance Wohlford
    • Presentation
  • Advanced Database Design Final
    • For this final we designed a database system to support extraneous library borrowing activities.
    • Team members: Phung Vuong, Lucas Guimaraes, Constance Wohlford
    • Paper
    • Presentation
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Search Engine Optimization: How to set up and maintain

For this project we documented how to enhance Search Engine Optimization. Tools used are Google Analytics and Google Adwords.

  • Team members: Diamond Atkins, Constance Wohlford
  • Paper
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Statistics 211 Final: Weather Pattern

For this project we used a repository of local weather data and another of global weather data to show that global weather patterns predictably affect local weather.

  • Team members: Jackson Turvey, Vinh Dao, and Norris Li.
  • Paper